About the company

Roads are arteries, vital for people and countries’ existence. On the roads, goods are moved, people travel, firefighters and paramedics rush to the rescue. Roads demonstrate the state development level. Good life is impossible without good roads.

The story of Buildimpeks begins in the middle of the previous century, when engineer Andrejs Zonbergs dedicated his life to road construction, rebuilding roads after the war and constructing new roads in Riga, Jurmala, Kuldiga and other cities of Latvia. Andrejs Zonbergs has also passed his long-term experience to the next generations. Guntars Zonbergs continued his path as a construction engineer, starting in 1967, designing and building roads all over Latvia. His most famous projects include Riga-Pskov highway, Ulbroka-Koknese (Moscow highway), pedestrian bridge across Gauja. But this is only a minor part of the list of projects he has managed. In 2011, to continue improving the public roads, Guntars Zonbergs shared his long-term experience and knowledge with the Buildimpeks team so that new, modern roads were built in our country. Buildimpeks LLC was established in February 2011 by reorganizing Saulkrastu 2.CBR LLC. Five-year company development plan envisages entering the leading positions in Latvian road construction market. Only experienced professionals and skilled managers work in Buildimpeks LLC.

The company has established a close cooperation with the leading road construction material manufacturers, builders and designers.